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Springfield Kingpin Series

USA company Springfield Marine produces a range of seat-mounting systems for boats. Springfield Marine’s first generation removable pedestal is the KingPin and is still the most popular seating system among freshwater boaters. The centerpiece of the KingPin™ system is the Hi-Lo pedestal. In the Hi position, the pedestal is a comfortable fishing seat. Remove the post and insert the seat mount into the base for the Lo position — ideal for compact storage or to provide maximum visibility for the driver while the boat is underway.

It's simple - a 3/4" E-Coated steel pin extends from the bottom of the pedestal as well as from the bottom of the seat mount. And each pin fits into the socket of the KingPin deck base.

Springfield Marine offers the KingPin system in a choice of two styles… Standard and Threaded. The Standard pin, with its high-strength composite clip, is designed to prevent unintentional detachment. Threaded has a threaded pin at the bottom of the post which can simply and easily be threaded into the base. Both systems provide an effective, safe, and secure boating experience.

For more information on the KingPin series refer to Springfield Marine's web site.

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