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UFISH Bait now available at Boat Warehouse West Gosford

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UFISH brined bait is rapidly gaining in popularity in fishing circles, and it is now available to pick up from Boat Warehouse in West Gosford!

UFISH Brined Baits - The Revolutionary New Bait...

Tired of seeing your bait go one way and your hook the other way? Tired of throwing away half your packet of prawns before you’re done fishing? Never throw away your bait or hard earned money again!

The bait that outlasts, outcasts, outfishes, and leaves all other baits for dead!

UFish is passionate about fishing. Some years ago they became disheartened with using the same old, run-of-the-mill frozen bait that most tackle shops stock. After a few years of research and development UFISH developed a brined fishing bait that went beyond expectations. And that is when UFISH was born!

UFISH specialises in only fishing bait. Gone are the days of waiting for your bait to defrost, only to find that when your bait is thawed it just falls apart. The brine means the bait does not freeze, even at -20 degrees. So you can easily take what you need from the pack. Return unused bait to the freezer when you get back for next time.  It will stay fresh!

So, when you’re ready to fish, the wide range of UFISH baits are ready for you at The Boat Warehouse in West Gosford.

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  • Beach Worms
  • Berley Logs
  • Bonito Fillets
  • Butterfly Whiting
  • Butterfly Yakka
  • Cubed Pilchards
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Garfish
  • Kalbarri Cockles
  • Local Squid
  • Marinated Mullet
  • Mullet Fillets
  • Pilchard Fillets
  • Pilchard Tails
  • Pipis
  • River Prawns
  • Slimey Fillets
  • Whiting Fillets
  • Whole Pilchards
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  • Whole Whiting
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