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Inflatable Boats

Aqua Marina AIRCAT Inflatable & TEMO 1.5HP Electric Outboard Package - Bundle & Save!

Boat + Motor Package Normal Price Bundle Price You Save
AIRCAT 9' 4" + TEMO $4389 $4149 $240
AIRCAT 11' 0" + TEMO $4589 $4349 $240


The AIRCAT inflatable boat can carry up to five people (3.35m model) and features an ultra-stable tunnel hull design and generous deck space.

This inflatable catamaran is impressive with its outstanding capacity and the ability to brave winds and waves while being high-speed. And what if you fancy a take-away camping with your family? Then just carry the full gear and enjoy the trip.

Available in 3.35m and 2.85m in length, both at 1.6m in width, The AIRCAT is an ideal water safety craft and a touring boat. The unique open bow design is the favourite for fishing and diving lovers, offering a spacious standing or resting platform.  The large 45cm tube diameter, thermo-welded seams and heavy grade PVC material ensures a sturdy, high quality boat that won't let you down. 

Constructed of Aqua Marina’s signature High Frequency Welding Technology for tube chambers, combining Drop Stitch Light Technology applied on the air deck, AIRCAT is born to be safe, rigid, super-stable, but ultra-light. Gone are the days when a dedicated boat trailer is required.

Now just pack it in the carry bag, together with all the matching accessories, it can fit into the back seat of most cars. Our new AIRCAT would be the guarantee of a day of fun and relaxation!

Comes with a 2 Year Warranty

What's in the box?

Part Number TBW-BT-AC285+TEM-8450 TBW-BT-AC335+TEM-8450
Model AIRCAT 9' 4" AIRCAT 11' 0"
Outboard Motor TEMO Electric Motor
Length 2.85m (9' 4") 3.35m (11ft)
Width 160cm 160cm
Weight 30kg 33.5kg
Max Capacity 4 Persons (400kg) 5 Persons (500kg)
Material PVC PVC
Floor DWF Air Inflatable DWF Air Inflatable
Air Chambers 4 + 1 4 + 1
Max Outboard 3.7kw / 5hp 7.5kw / 9.9hp
Tube Diameter 45cm 45cm
Aqua Marina Inflatable High Frequency Process

Aqua Marina uses HF (High Frequency) Welding Technology to bond PVC layers together using electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field to release energy in the form of heat to cause the PVC fabrics to melt and bond together. HF welding creates very robust & hermetic PVC seals.

Aqua Marina Inflatable Heat Fusion Process

Aqua Marina's new inflatable Heat Fusion technology uses a special heat welding process to join two separate pieces of reinforced PVC into a single solid layer. This creates stronger and longer-lasting boats.

Aqua Marina AIRCAT Inflatable & TEMO 1.5HP Electric Outboard Package

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