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Boat Covers

Boats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Browse our large selection of semi-custom Boat Covers designed specifically for bowriders, tinnys, side console, cabin cruisers and many other boat designs. The covers are designed & cut to suit the various boat styles including bow rails and windscreens as appropriate.

Our boat covers are designed in Australia by Oceansouth - a well-respected marine company with over 30 years manufacturing experience who stands behind their products.

Semi-custom boat covers offer an affordable alternative to a fully custom boat cover. Choose the cover that suits the style of your boat and then refer to our handy guide on measuring your boat for a boat cover. Measuring your boat correctly is important and it's easy to get it wrong. Don't forget to take into account biminis, aerials, rod holders and any other items that cannot be removed or folded down when the boat cover is on the boat.

Our boat covers are generally suitable for towing at highway speeds. Refer to each cover for details and limitations on speed that may apply to specific boat covers.

Oceansouth boat covers are made from high-quality woven polyester fabric. This proven material is waterproof, breathable & UV-resistant, and not to be confused with many of the cheaper products available in the Australian market today. The old adage "You Get What You Pay For" is particularly relevant to boat covers!

Even when a cover fits a boat well, rain can cause pools to form in certain areas. Consider purchasing a boat cover support pole kit. These offer an inexpensive way to prevent pooling and extend the life of your cover.

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