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Raymarine QuantumTM radar, with CHIRP pulse compression technology, offers superior radar imaging, low power solid-state radar performance, and simple installation. Choose the basic Quantum for reliable solid-state radar performance or step up to Quantum 2 with Doppler enhanced target identification.

Compact Performance
Quantum radars use solid-state CHIRP pulse compression technology to deliver superior target awareness at both long and extremely short ranges. FLIR’s exclusive ATX™ advanced target separation technology displays targets like boats, buoys, and landmarks with exceptional resolution and separation quality.

Energy Efficient
Quantum radars solid-state technology consumes very little power, making Quantum especially friendly to vessels running on battery power. Solid-state  radar technology also generates very low radiated emissions.

Quantum 2 with Doppler
Quantum 2 with Doppler elevates your awareness by detecting radar frequency shifts returned by moving versus stationary targets. Quantum 2 then colour codes inbound targets red (dangerous) and outbound targets green (safe), making it easy to discern potentially hazardous situations when navigating in hightraffic areas.

Simple Installation
With every Raymarine Quantum system, you’ll also benefit from a rugged and lightweight design that is easy to install. Quantum 2 can be installed in a traditionally wired configuration, or use built-in Wi-Fi technology to connect directly to your Raymarine MFD.

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