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Biminis, T-Tops & Canopy Fittings

Biminis and T-Tops are a popular addition to boats, and this is not at all surprising. T-Tops & Bimini covers offer shade and increased comfort to those on board and can also provide some protection from the rain. Sunburn and dehydration from extended exposure to the Australian sun can ruin your day on the water. Biminis & T-Tops are the single-most valuable addition you can invest in to increase boating enjoyment.

Boats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Browse our selection of T-Tops & Bimini Covers in a variety of colours & styles to suit most boats. Designed in Australia by Oceansouth - a well-respected marine company with over 30 years manufacturing experience who stands behind their products.

Oceansouth Biminis & T-Tops are made from high-quality woven polyester fabric. This proven material is waterproof, breathable & UV-resistant, and not to be confused with many of the cheaper products available in the Australian market today.

Choose from a wide selection of aluminium, stainless steel and nylon fittings to customise your Bimini or T-Top for your unique requirements. And if you need assistance, please contact the friendly team at The Boat Warehouse.

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