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ePropulsion Motors

ePropulsion is leading the market in electric outboard motors for boats, SUPs and kayaks. Their electric outboard motors offer a quiet, and reliable performance, at an affordable price.

Advances in electric outboard technology in recent years make transitioning to an electric motor for your boat, whether it be for a new boat or the replacement of an old petrol outboard on your existing boat, be given serious consideration. Most smaller outboards are involved in short trips ashore from a larger vessel (eg. on a tender) or operation for a few hours on a given day (eg. fishing excursions). The ePropulsion range of motors excels in these areas. An additional battery (which float, incidentally) can be carried for extended operations if range becomes an issue for your particular application.

And with the ePropulsion NAVY 6.0 EVO model putting out similar power to a 15HP petrol engine, ePropulsion outboards are suitable for reasonably large boats.

ePropulsion electric outboards enable sailboats to leave and return to the marina quickly without fuss, providing all the power they need. Day-sailers and small cruising sailboats love pod drives because they are space saving, quiet and vibration free. Our hydrogenation and solar charging also allow sailors to travel further and sail sustainably.

When the total cost of outboard ownership is taken into consideration (such as ongoing fuel & maintenance costs), the overall cost of switching to electric power is not as high as you might think. And then of course there are the obvious benefits to the environment, ease of use (no fuel tank to worry about, or starting issues), no fumes, and a motor that is virtually silent and without vibration.

The ePropulsion electric outboard motor range includes:

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