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New Rocna Mk II Stainless Steel Anchor

Rocna's range of popular boat anchors has been expanded with the development of a new improved version of the original Rocna anchor. The Rocna Mk II anchor is based on the same design pattern as the Rocna Original, but refines and upgrades all elements for increased holding performance and strength.

Building on the rugged strength and thoughtful design of its forefunner, the Rocna Mk II is milled from the heritage of the Rocna anchor and the demands of innovation. Formed from high strength stainless steel and finished with the utmost attention to detail and quality.

Peter Smith, lifetime sailor, boatbuilder, and designer of the Rocna Anchors range, has been working on his new anchor development for years. “I want to keep improving anchoring for boaters, by applying good engineering fundamentals and taking advantage of the more sophisticated manufacturing methods we have access to now”, said Smith. “The original Rocna is a superb anchor and now well-proven, with great adoption. The question for me was always could we improve on it?”

The Rocna Mk II is a refinement of the original Rocna design, which has built-up a reputation for reliable quick setting and secure holding power over years of real-world experience and feedback from thousands of boaters. Smith has also used patented technology shared with the Vulcan anchor, such as the “I+V™” shank, which helps make the Rocna Mk II the toughest of all Rocna anchors.

The innovative anchor features an all-new patented “roll-foil”, a sculpted variation of the original roll-bar which features a series of unique shaped profiles designed to further assist the anchor’s critical self-righting behavior and help during setting for deeper penetration and additional holding power. The fluke also has had a major overhaul which optimizes the original Rocna pattern for greater surface area and improved weight distribution.

“The Rocna Mk II is the ultimate, no-compromises Rocna anchor”, said Smith. “Compared to the Rocna Original, it can either provide the same performance for a smaller size, or give you even greater security and confidence for the same weight. The original Rocna is still a remarkable anchor, but the design finds its best expression yet in the Mk II, and I would say the Rocna Mk II is now the best investment choice in terms of anchoring any boater could make.”

Build & Finish: Compare welds and finish on a Rocna anchor to other alternatives. A top performing product should be built like one, so the Rocna is manufactured with the highest standards of production and quality control to ensure a superior finished anchor.

Guaranteed for Life: Each anchor comes with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects plus both breakage and bending.

What are the main improvements over the original Rocna?

ROLL-FOIL: The Rocna roll-bar has been sculpted into the patented roll-foil providing even surer self-righting for the most reliable set. The roll-foil's sections vary in profile, each designed for its own dynamic role: to provide extra assistance if the anchor lands upside-down, to help during setting for deeper penetration and greater holding once buried, and to improve soil flow for reduced clogging. The roll-foil™ (A) ensures the anchor always arrives at the ideal angle for penetration, and helps the skids guide the fluke tip which chisels into the seabed for an instant reliable burial.

SHANK: The high tensile stainless steel shank has its strength maximised by the profile, and is the toughest Rocna shank of all.

FLUKE: A concave fluke (C) gives the greatest resistance. In soft seabeds, this provides the secure holding power you need. On hard or weedy sea floors, the weighted chisel tip (B) cuts through and bites deep. The Rocna fluke has been optimised for weight distribution, penetration and strength. It enjoys a new weighted and reinforced tip. Stainless steel moved from where it is extraneous to where it aids. The tried and true Rocna fluke is increased in surface area for a substantial boost in holding power.

Part NumberSize
ROC-RM2004SS 4kg
ROC-RM2006SS 6kg
ROC-RM2009SS 9kg
ROC-RM2012SS 12kg
ROC-RM2015SS 15kg
ROC-RM2020SS 20kg
ROC-RM2025SS 25kg
ROC-RM2033SS 33kg
ROC-RM2040SS 40kg
ROC-RM2050SS 50kg

Will a Rocna Anchor Self Launch?

All Rocna anchors have shank shapes that are designed to self-launch and encourage self-righting on retrieval, ensuring ease of use for all boaters.

Which Rocna Type will Fit Best?

Rocna anchors are intended to fit well on most vessels. The Rocna Mk II offers improver clearance versus the Rocna Original at the shank end and the roll-bar. The Vulcan is specifically designed to fit a wider range of vessels with the omission of a roll-bar to clear anchor platofrms, bow strits or prods.

Rocna Anchor Mk II - Stainless Steel

Rocna Anchors

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