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Boat Seat Mounting Patterns

Boat Seat Mounting Patterns

The Boat Warehouse stocks a wide range of Boat Seats, Seat Pedestals & Seat Mounting Hardware.  Boat seats and mounts come in a wide range of types and styles to suit the numerous boats and applications out there.

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There are two standard mounting patterns and all seats available from The Boat Warehouse are produced with a base to suit one (and sometimes both) of these patterns.  It is important to be aware of the mounting pattern of a particular boat seat to ensure you select a compatible mounting system.

Standard Mounting Patterns

1. Standard 7" Mounting Patternboat seat mounting pattern

A boat seat with a standard 7" mounting pattern is designed to fit a suitable pedestal, swivel or slide. The seat base mounting holes will line up with the four equally-spaced slots mounting surface. The slots (marked in red) will align with holes on seat base from 110mm to 140mm. 

This pattern is the most commonly used pattern on marine chairs.

Look for this symbol on our boat seat product pages for seats that suit this pattern.

2. Slide Mounting Patternboat seat slide mounting pattern

A boat seat with a slide mounting pattern is designed to fit a rectangular seat base typically measuring 335mm x 180mm. The compatible base, which is normally incorporated into a seat slide or swivel, will have a small horizontal slot located in each corner of the mounting surface (marked in yellow). 

The seat's mounting holes align with holes on the bracket from 285mm to 320mm in length, 140mm apart.

Note that seat slides typically accept boat seats with standard 7" pattern mounting holes and slide pattern holes.

The slide pattern is common on larger boat chairs where the additional width of the bracket provides additional strength and support for the seat.

Look for this symbol on our boat seat product pages for seats that suit this pattern.

3. Combined Mounting Patterncombined boat seat slide mounting pattern

Many boat seats will mount to both a Standard 7" Pattern and the Slide Mounting Pattern.

Look for this symbol on our boat seat product pages for seats that suit both patterns.


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