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Boat Seats Australia

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We get many enquiries each week related to boat seats. Normally these are from customers looking to upgrade their existing seats which may be worn or weathered. Others want a simple seat to make their tinnie more comfortable. And some are commercial boat builders or operators requiring high-quality seating solutions and suspension pedestals for large cruisers or marine rescue. There is a wide range of boats seats out there and dozens of different applications and requirements. 

To help our customers we have launched Boat Seats Australia - a dedicated website with straight-forward navigation to make it easier to browse our extensive range of boat seating solutions. Boat Seats Australia will make your choice easy. 

And we are also showcasing a range of quality teak boat tables too.

We are still adding products to the new website, but why not head over to Boat Seats Australia now to see what's available. You'll enjoy the same sharp pricing available from Boat Warehouse, and the same team will be answering your questions and shipping your order. And of course you can collect your purchase from Boat Warehouse's sales office in Sydney as always.

We look forward to seeing you at Boat Seats Australia soon.  Enjoy!


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