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Mounting Biminis on Inflatables & Ribs

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We get contacted reasonably often by people wondering how they can mount a bimini onto a rib (or inflatable tender). Obviously screwing or riveting in deck mounts is out of the question.

Thankfully clever company RailBlaza has a solution. You start with Railblaza's advesive RIBPORTS or RIBMOUNT CLEAT PORTS. These bond to PVC, hypalon, fibreglass and aluminium using a 3M VHB self-adhesive pad.

With the pad in place you can then insert the Railblaza bimini support adapter to provide an attachment point for the bimini.

Bimini tops provide shade and shelter on your boat. Anything that makes your boat more comfortable must be good right? So now you can get all the benefits of a bimini on your inflatable boat! 

Check out these and more clever RAILBLAZA products at Boat Warehouse!


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