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Next Generation RULE Bilge Pumps

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The RULE brand builds on over 50 years of operational excellence and application expertise with a range of pumping solutions for the marine industry. The latest solution is the Next generation of genuine Rule submersible bilge pumps providing the ultimate pumping performance to keep the boat's bilge clear of nuisance water.

NEXT Generation Rule bilge pumps come in  non-automatic bilge pumps and automatic bilge pump models. The non-auto bilge pumps are activated manually or with a float switch, while the auto models have an in-built float switch. Choose between 360, 500, 800 & 1100 GPH outputs.

One of the stand-out features of these upgraded pumps is they now now come with a check valve to stop water running out of the hose and back into the bilge. This comes with the pumps and can be used or discarded.

New Features:

  • 16 gauge tin coated copper electrical wiring with silicone infused water blocking feature
  • Higher flow - optimised impeller to provide greater flow at the same amperage as previous model
  • High efficiency, low amp motors include true Electromagnetic suppression (EMC)
  • Built-In thermal cut-out (TCO) in the motor provides additional protection for pump & vessel
  • Backflow prevention - now includes a check valve in the discharge port which reduces the amount of water draining back from the pump discharge hose into the bilge
  • Threaded discharge port - gives easier installation and maintenance. Discharge hose port is included with each pump
  • A Hidden air vents in the pump prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations and helps with the check valve operation

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