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Dometic TWIII Level Indicator Cap

This 22 inch vented holding tank probe cap provides tank level readings for Dometic TW and DTM tank monitors. Dometic TWIII Level Indicator Cap with Vent or without Vent options available. 


  • Dometic holding tank level indicator cap
  • Patented 3 probe holding tank cap provides tank level readings to Dometic DTM holding tank monitors
  • 22 in. version
  • Installs in Dometic SeaLand tanks or any rigid tank with 3 in. FNPT opening
  • Use product DOM-9108553349 holding tank flange kit if tank does not have a 3 in. FNPT tank access port
Part NumberModelDescriptionLegacy Item Number
DOM-9108554403 With Vent Includes vent provision 9108554403
DOM-9108554404 Without Vent Non-vented cap 9108554404

Dometic TWIII Level Indicator Cap


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