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Selecting the Right Life Jacket

Selecting the Right Life Jacket

Life Jackets or PFD's - The most important piece of equipment all boat owners and water sport enthusiast are required to own!

Which life Jacket do I need? The Australian Standard 4578 maps out the requirement you must meet.
With a huge variety of water sports and activities available now it can be quite confusing as to which type life jacket is applicable to you. Here at The Boat Warehouse we have listed and categorised for you which life jacket best suits your application.
PFD Type I - All waters, especially open, rough or remote waters where rescue can be delayed., These jackets are Large and cumbersome but have the advantage of being able to turn an unconscious person in the face up position.
PFD Type II - Calm inland waters where there is good chance for a speedy rescue. Note not all type 2 PFD's will turn an unconscious person face up.
PFD Type III - A flotation aid that is to be used on calm inland waters where there is a good chance for a speedy rescue. People using Type III must put themselves face up
PFD Type IV - A device that is to be used where help is present. These includes aids such life rings that are used on a wharf or pontoon where help is present. They are not designed to be worn and are intended for use where there is heavy boat traffic.
PFD Type V - These are specific PFD's to the activity they are being used for such as a waterski jacket or a work vest and can include things such as hypothermia protection for example a deck suit.
Below you can see our range jackets and the categories they are used for.

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