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New Search and Rescue Capabilities for Queensland Remote Area Tracking Incorporated

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Queensland Remote Area Tracking Incorporated ( QRATI) is a a search and rescue volunteer charity. The wonderful service that they provide was brought to our attention, when they were looking to procure a batch of ACR Firefly PRO SOLAS Strobe Lights. The emergency distress strobe lights, use wide-light emission LEDs, designed to cut through tough conditions in remote areas, creating a super-bright flash visible for over four kilometres.  Lightly weighted, "we can deploy up to 10 of them around the search area” said Nathan Gelhaar, from QRATI. "Flashing light at night and bright marker during the day. If the missing person finds it they simply activate the beacon.” 

"Thank you again for your help.

These PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons) will be used during missing persons searches by being left out at track junctions and high points along with the strobes you sold us previously and a large signal blanket. If the missing person sees them they can signal for help. Awesome stuff thank you once again, you have directly helped to save lives."  ~ Nathan Gelhaar



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