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Vetus Propellers

Vetus Propellers

The most essential component of your boat

VETUS makes good use of an especially developed computer programme, which determines exactly the right propeller for your boat.

The most important elements of propeller design and manufacture are balance, dimensions, material and the blade area.

  1. If you bear in mind that a propeller is often rotating at 2.000 r.p.m. (more than 30 revolutions per second), you will understand that it is an absolute must that a good propeller is well-balanced.
  2. In order to achieve the best performance and to minimize vibration, it is extremely important to ensure that the pitch of each blade is identical and that the distance between the blades does not vary. This requires great manufacturing precision.
  3. VETUS propellers are made of manganese bronze, an extremely resilient, yet flexible material.
  4. The choice of a good propeller with all above combined qualities, is of the utmost importance.
  5. A propeller specialist must always determine the diameter and pitch and the required (fixed) Fa/F ratio. This means the total area of the propeller circle (F) in comparison to the surface area (stretched and developed) of all blades (Fa). The choice of the Fa/F ratio is dependent on the shape of the underwater section and the speed of the boat in question.

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